We would like to thank you for the delicious food and service.  It was wonderful and made our Christmas luncheon a hit.  We look forward to doing business with you again.

Penny Barber

Gem Seal of Dallas, TX

Gem Seal Dallas

Holiday luncheon

About Appe'Teaser Catering

Appe' Teaser Catering is a family owned and operated business.  We started in 1989 as a small café in old downtown Red Oak, Texas.  Our café customers enjoyed the food so much they began asking us to cater various events. 

By 1991 the catering side of the business was demanding so much of our time and energy we made a decision to close the café and Appe' Teaser Catering was born.  From those early days twenty plus years ago we have grown from a small catering company into a full service catering and special event company. 

Although a large part of our business is corporate lunches we still have a passion for the unique challenges of social catering.  Over the years we have catered anniversary celebrations, weddings, open houses, company picnics, awards ceremonies, graduations and almost every other conceivable type of social events. 

As you can imagine no two social events are the same.  Every event has its own requirements.  To meet the growing demands of our clients we continually expand our range of services.  We offer event planning, venue selection, decorations, rentals, food and beverage service.  Even though our company has grown dramatically over the years, our mission has remained the same.  Offer our customers delicious food and a memorable experience each and every time they use our services.