We would like to thank you for the delicious food and service.  It was wonderful and made our Christmas luncheon a hit.  We look forward to doing business with you again.

Penny Barber

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Holiday luncheon

Outdoor Events

PICNIC Favorites

Hamburgers - made with lean ground beef

Grilled portabella "burgers" - balsamic and herb marinated mushroom caps

Boneless chicken breast - marinated and cooked to perfection

Beef hot dogs - 100% pure beef franks

Sloppy Joes - ground beef crumbled and mixed with spices and traditional sauce

Fresh quartered BBQ chicken - slow grilled dark and white meat

Brisket - with tangy bbq sauce


14-hour bbq brisket - slow cooked to tender perfection

Memphis-style pulled pork - simmered in a sweet and tangy bbq sauce

BBQ turkey breast - whole turkey breast slow smoked, pulled and smothered in BBQ sauce

BBQ ribs - tender baby back ribs glazed in BBQ sauce

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Steak fajitas - skirt steak marinated in a fajita marinate and served with peppers and onions

Chicken fajaitas - marinated in a fajita marinate and slow cooked over a wood fire served with peppers and onions

Veggie fajitas

Chipotle chicken quesadillas -8" flour tortillas stuffed with chicken, co-jack cheese, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro, with a chipotle-lime sauce, served off the grill

Chipotle veggie quesadillas - 8" flour tortillas stuffed with sliced mushrooms, co-jack cheese, onions, tomatoes, sliced jalapenos and cilantro, with a chipotle lime sauce, served off the grill

Grilled burrito -12" flour tortilla stuffed with chicken, refried beans, lettuce, Mexican rice and fresh pico de gallo and shredded cheese

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Steak kabobs -tender sirloin with fresh garden vegetables. 

Chicken kabobs - marinated chicken with fresh garden vegetables .

Shrimp kabobs - jumbo gulf shrimp with fresh garden vegetables. 

Vegetable kabobs - an array of marinated flavorful garden vegetables.

1 kabob per person

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Bratwurst - naturally cased, premium old-world style

Polish sausage - specially seasoned and char grilled

Italian sausage - authentic Italian sausage off the grill and served with au jus, sweet peppers and giardinera on French bread.

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Chipotle-mango chicken - served with a combo of fresh mango, chipotle peppers and cilantro

Chicken breast tagliata - marinated in olive oil with fresh lemon, garlic, rosemary and parsley

Salmon fillets - brushed with fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil.

N.Y. strips steaks -10oz. center cut sirloin, seasoned, grilled and topped with maitre d' butter 

Rib-eye steak -10oz rib-eye, seasoned and grilled. 

Chicago cut pork chops - bone in, 10oz. juicy center cut chops, basted with bbq sauce. 

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